Thursday, August 18, 2011

Indiana Teachers Stop Law that would have changed their hours and days without adjusting pay. I’m not making this up.

Want to know what happens when you get rid of collective bargaining and take workers rights away?
We get amazing "new" third world stories like this:
Edweek: A judge on Wednesday blocked the Indiana Department of Education from using new teacher contract forms that would have allowed school districts to change the hours or days that teachers work without adjusting their pay. Marion County Superior Court Judge Patrick McCarty (said) "Contrary to IDOE's argument, nothing in Indiana law or the newly enacted statutes gives Dr. Bennett or IDOE the authority to contravene general contract principles and laws that have been established and govern in Indiana."

 McCarty said the contract form drafted by Bennett is "unconscionable" because it gives school corporations the authority to unilaterally modify the number of days and hours that a teacher must work, but it does not require them to pay for the additional labor. 

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