Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Republicans can March, Hypocritically, in Labor Day Parade. Time to Show Appreciation for their Efforts.

Go ahead, march, make our day....

The point being made, the local labor council has relented, and put out this well worded statement that doesn't give one inch of ground.

WAOW: We didn't start this fight in Wisconsin, but were responding to anti-worker positions and policies supported by local Republican politicians, including those who have complained about not being invited. With the track records that Pam Galloway, Sean Duffy, Scott Walker, and Jerry Petrowski have all put together this year, they should be ashamed to even show their faces at a Labor Day parade. Just like we'd hoped, our decision has stimulated a great debate in our community about the meaning of Labor Day. But because we don't want to wind up having community groups and school bands affected in the process, we will let everyone march and hope these Republican politicians finally take away some lessons about what Labor Day really means. We know their actions and voting records speak more loudly than waving at any parade.

We have had countless offers from across our area pour in to help pay for parade costs. While we thank everyone for your generosity, we urge you instead to use it to support charities that are helping working class people who may be laid off or struggling due to the difficult economy.
Randy Radtke

President Marathon County Labor Council AFL-CIO


  1. I'm trying to find a reason why there shouldn't be a couple of parade members holding signs about the repug's anti-labor records walking right along side the float they will be riding on.

    Could be fun.

  2. If I were there I would turn my back on any Republican who was silly enough to march in the parade.