Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We are talking about guns that kill people, right?

Guns kill. Cars take me from one place to the next. There is a difference, but then you'd never know that from the dummies that continue to make that comparison because... aw hell, you don't need a good reason.

Showing just how responsible adults write laws, Republicans are “rushing” a gun bill through before the recall elections in July that may not require any training at all, unlike mandatory hunter safety courses. After all, we’re really just talking about humans here.

Guns are so safe they’re banned in the Capitol, that oddly enough, is in lock down because Gov. Walker doesn’t feel safe there. Yet I'm being told I would be perfectly safe in a restaurant, family in tow, wondering just how paranoid the guy at the counter is with his loaded gun. My constitutional right to feel secure is shredded so some hobbyist psychotic can play Dirty Harry in public.

Did I say irresponsible?
jsonline: Republican ... bills to allow people to carry concealed weapons without any training and potentially without having to obtain state permits. Sen. Pam Galloway (R-Wausau) said she did not believe any training was needed for people to carry concealed guns. "People who carry concealed as private citizens are responsible people," she said. 
Galloway's contention that no training would be needed for concealed carry contrasts with regulations in place for hunters … born after Jan. 1, 1973, must complete a hunter safety course. 
George Meyer, executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, would not comment on the bill but said hunter safety courses - 10 hours of training, including accident prevention, combined with the requirement to wear blaze orange in the woods - had "substantially reduced hunting accidents."
At least the animals are safer than the potentially untrained Dodo gun nut.
"It's ironic that legislators would exclude guns from their workplace, the state Capitol, but not think about the safety risks inherent at locations where some of the our most vulnerable community members seek safety and help," said a statement from Patti Seger, executive director of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
Get active, protest these dummy bills: Two hearings are planned on the bills on May 12 - one in Wausau and one in Madison.

The major difference between the bills is in permitting … 
One bill would allow people to carry weapons without getting a permit or other approval from the state. The other bill would require people to get permits but grant them to almost anyone. 
Under both bills, guns and other weapons would be banned from police stations and other law enforcement offices; jails and prisons; courthouses; school grounds; airports beyond security checkpoints; and any government building that has electronic weapons screening and a place for people to store their weapons. 
The bill on permits would allow businesses to prohibit people from carrying guns in their facilities. Local governments also could bar guns in their buildings. 
The bill that does not require permits also would lift a current requirement that guns in vehicles must be encased and unloaded.

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Anonymous said...

If you need a Hunter Education Class to hunt and you need a background check to buy a handgun why not a class for Concealed Carry
Permit. At least you'd learn what your responsiblities would be as a CC Carrier