Friday, May 20, 2011

Right Wings Bash Tommy Thompson! Conservative Witch-winger Vicki McKenna right on board.

Leading up to WIBA's nicotine queen's attack on Tommy Thompson, Vicki McKenna pukes up endless nonsense about voter protests at the Capitol, saying: 
"When we were occupied at the Capitol building. If you lived in my city, it was like living as an insurgent, in a foreign hostile country..." blah blah blah. Such public protests usually means there's still a strong middle class, with the power to fight back, and one of the reasons conservatives are trying to wipe it out.  Madison's unionista moment, according to McKenna, should not be allowed to happen ever again. 

So what does Vicki's democracy look like? If you lose an election, you lose it all! But in Vicki's sites, moderate Republican Tommy Thompson. 
The American Spectator: Here's a joint statement with former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt praising the Senate health care bill in November 2009. Here's a New York Times blog post on a statement he and Gephardt released on the bill voted out of the Democratic-controlled Senate Finance Committee (the NYT said the statement was distributed by the White House). And here is an official White House blog post showing him at a June 2010 event with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on "turning the Affordable Care Act into a reality."

It's worth noting that the statements jump from a period of time when moderate Republicans were still at least nominally involved in the health care negotiations until after it had already passed. But it looks like Medicare Part D might not be Thompson's biggest problem.
Isn't it remarkable how their big issue, not providing health care to Americans, is an acceptable argument to make?

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