Monday, May 23, 2011

Ryan Moves to Partisan Talking Point Politics: Watch out for Democratic Medi-scare tactics? Who's scaring who?

I put together this edited Meet the Press appearance by Medi-scare provocateur Rep. Paul Ryan, who couldn't keep from scary seniors, and everyone else, with our impending doom.

This ego tripping moment for Ryan, is so self congratulatory, I had to include it here:


The Gingrich flap brought out Dick Army, the wacky extremist tea party movement leader, to make the claim ending Medicare as we know it is the current top priority in the upcoming election. And Ryan agreed. What does he hate about people and health care?

"Right wind social engineering!" Ryan is consumed with self importance after months of praise by fellow Republicans and a fawning press. Ryan's obsessive pursuit of free market health care is breathtaking. After never once disputing the added costs to future seniors, Ryan's arrogant assumption that he knows what the public wants, despite negative public polling, feeds his desire to make them want it:

Ryan: We're going to try and move these polls and change these polls, because that's what the country wants." 

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