Monday, May 23, 2011

New York Candidate Jack Davis, Tea Party Candidate or a Real live Democrat?

Take a look at these two pieces featuring New York tea party candidate Jack Davis, one from around 2004 or so, and Cenk Uygur's interview on MSNBC. What I wanna know is what makes Davis a tea party  pick? That would make me a tea!

The first clip was recorded at a time I watched and liked Lou Dobbs, who fought the good fight for the middle class. The report features the arrogant elitist from Delphi, CEO Steve Miller, who said, "If you pay too much for a particular class of employee, you go broke...philosophers can speculate about fairness, I have to deal with reality." He's talking about labor, who happen to be getting paid to much. We were warned way back when, in this great piece that also talks about the failed corporate tax amnesty that didn't create any jobs. Christine Romans reports: 


Here's Cenk with Davis who hasn't changed his tune, which again poses the question, how did he become a tea partier? 


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