Thursday, May 19, 2011

Securing extremist "right to life" votes for Republicans, Rep. Robin Vos willing to sacrifice women to cancer deaths.

True to form, Republicans know how to cater to the extremist elements of the voting public to gain favor and win elections, even at the expense of other peoples lives. 

It's strong language, but true.
Channel3000: The Republican-controlled budget committee has voted to disallow any abortion providers in Wisconsin, or those affiliated with those that perform abortions or make referrals, from receiving a state grant targeted for women's health programs.
But as always, I like to look at the original attempt of the bill’s author to determine blame:
Gov. Scott Walker wanted to eliminate all $1.9 million a year in state taxpayer money for the grant program.
Pretty draconian? Sure. But that was the starting point.
The Joint Committee on Finance tried to strike a compromise  … would prohibit any of the money under the grant program going for other women's health services provided by those, such as Planned Parenthood, that also offer abortions or even discuss them as an option.
Dr. Daniel Kurtycz, medical director of the Wisconsin State Hygiene Lab, said cuts to those programs could be deadly. Some of those facilities provide other services, including cancer screening. In a letter to the Joint Finance Committee, he wrote, "Sometime after 2015, we will have women dying of cervical cancer as a predictable consequence of the funding reduction for (cervical cancer) testing in this budget."
In a statement that defies explanation:
Supporters of the measure said that's not the intention.
“NOT THE INTENTION?” That justifies making a deadly health care law we know will kill people? But I'm overreacting. So too bad, it’s just an unintended consequence Republicans are willing to ignore in the hopes of securing the "right to life" vote.
Committee co-chair Rep. Robin Vos said scarce tax dollars shouldn't be used on abortions, something he said he finds "reprehensible."
A lie Vos tossed out casually, knowing full well that current law prohibits taxpayer money from being used for abortion. 

What an incredible price for others to pay for the anti-abortion vote.

Here's the coverage from Channel3000:

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