Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fox News' Attempt to Vilify Rapper Common, and the White House, Blows up in face!!!

Somebody didn't book the right guest to bash Obama and his invited White House guest, rapper Common. An odd moment of common sense from Keli Goff of It's fun to see the Fox Host squirm.


  1. Guess the old Caffeinated boy is a Fox fan, he's all up in arms over Common too. Having a regular school marm fit.
    Who cares what Michelle Obama listens to. Seriously.

  2. I never blog this stuff, but accidentally recorded it and found the argument interesting. Then, it hit the fan. So...but you're right, this is the diversion stuff that makes Republicans so ill informed by ignoring what matters.

    No one should care, but Obama had to be knocked down a peg after Osama.