Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rep. Rob Woodall on why he wants to keep his taxpayer provided health care benefits: "...because it's free!"

Republicans have told us over and over that a single payer health care system isn't free. They've also told us health care in general isn't free, and originally proposed a mandate that everyone buy their own health care. It was the responsible thing to do...until they took that back.

So in another example of hypocrisy and flat out projection, I give Rep. Rob Woodall, who doesn't give a rats ass about anybody but Rob Woodall. It's so...Republican.

When asked why he doesn't give up his government provided health care, and go out into the free market to buy his coverage, in one fell swoop Woodall destroys 20 years of Republican rhetoric.

Smart-ass Woodall: "'s because it's free, it's because it's free!!!"

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