Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tone Deaf and Daft, Walker and State GOP “stood up and did the right thing…despite political pressure.” The Adults are in charge, citizens are just errant children!

Gov. Scott Walker's justification for his actions? It was “the right thing” and courageous.

I’m glad he thinks so, but believe it or not, many other don’t.

Nanny state Democrats are often thought of as “we know what’s best for you” politicians, doing the right thing as they see it when it comes to safety and social programs.

Conversely, Republicans are doing the “right thing” by unraveling those nanny state rules of consumerism and, in this case, labor policy.

But ignoring a massive public outcry from Wisconsinites who feel the GOP agenda is not the “right thing,” you are either clueless or self-delusional. Remember the helmet law? 55 mile per hour speed limits?

jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker exhorted Republicans attending the party's state convention Saturday to focus their efforts on … recall elections this summer … “This isn't just about where the Legislature is headed in the State of Wisconsin. This is ultimately about courage," he said.

Walker cited what he called the courage of state GOP lawmakers "who stood up and did the right thing" despite what he described as the political pressure and personal intimidation they faced.
That “pressure” and “intimidation” is coming from the citizens of Wisconsin, voters.

In typical upside down political framing of an issue, Walker “reminded” fellow conservatives:

…Republicans should stand up for the middle class.
Now you tell them!

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