Monday, May 23, 2011

Squeezing Public Education Out has its benefits; Lower property taxes

Thank god someone at AP broke this story down for me. I've been trying figure out a way to make it understandable all weekend. It's an incredible situation for schools, and a big problem for district tax collections. Property owners like myself don't like property taxes, but after about four years of paying just about the same, I'm doing fine. I support public education more than a few more dollars a year on my tax bill though.
A new analysis says most of Wisconsin’s 424 public school districts would be forced to lower their property taxes under Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal.

The analysis by University of Madison-Wisconsin economic Andrew Reschovsky released today says 329 districts would be prevented from raising property taxes under Walker’s budget plan and would actually be required to reduce property taxes to meet new revenue limits.

Walker’s budget calls for an 8.4 percent cut in school aid and a 5.5 percent reduction in overall resources available to schools.

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