Friday, May 20, 2011

Republican Sen. Mike Ellis to Democrat Fred Risser; "Take your seat." After Passing Voter ID, Sen. Fitzgerald on meeting public; "I'm concerned about that."

This amazing but all to typical angry reaction by Sen. Scott Fitzgerald is getting old, but also frightening. This guy is in charge of our state senate, part of our state government, where there is a balance of Democrats, independents and Republicans. 

They won the election, but not forever and with no public accountability. So is it okay to be so arrogant? Authoritarian? Dictatorial? Too important to talk to the rabble? Yes, and more.

SolidarityWisconsin: After the contentious vote on the VoterID bill, Senate Republicans held a press conference.  They quickly walked out of the room when they were asked a question by the public, saying they would only talk to credentialed press.

This is fairly amazing in view of the controls that the Republican administration has put on all entry to the capitol -- suddenly they can't even control their own press conferences?

Here's great coverage from Ed Schultz with Lena Taylor and Fred Risser, who was told to "take your seat."


  1. Where in Robert's Rules of Order, the WI Blue Book, or the various rules of conduct for lawmakers can "SHUT UP!!!" with a threatening point of the gavel be found?

    If every news media does NOT show that clip far and wide, all over Wisconsin, then I hope the world really does end tomorrow. Satan is clearly in charge here. No wonder Walker has no intention of declaring martial law, doesn't need it - the guy really in charge of this crew makes Blackwater look like schoolgirls.

  2. I'm glad you mentioned the "shut up" comment by Ellis. It really stood out to me too. Republicans won't tolerate descent.