Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lasee should be held accountable for blatant lie that he personally knew of Voter Fraud in Green Bay. Phony Republican Issue and Scare Tactic.

I found this story interesting for the way it dealt with State Sen. Frank Lasee's claim of voter fraud that he said he personally heard about from three different people.

Lasee: "I personally talked with three different people, who told me they lived out of the Green Bay area, but drove up and voted in that election because it was so important to them."
That's far from hearsay, as Lasee is now claiming.

WBAY: One Wisconsin Now says it wants to know if state Senator Frank Lasee, a Brown County Republican, failed to report voter fraud.

The advocacy group highlights statements the senator made Tuesday night while debating the voter ID bill. The senator spoke about the 2000 election in Brown County where voters were asked to approve a half-percent sales tax to fund Lambeau Field renovations.

"I have personally talked to three different people who told me they lived out of the Green Bay area but drove up and voted in that election because it was so important to them," Lasee told the Senate.

Lasee changed his story when Action 2 News talked with him Friday, claiming he misspoke during the heated debate. In a phone interview, he told us he heard the stories years after the vote happened and heard them secondhand. "It was hearsay, someone telling me about somebody they knew. So, you know, where, where do you go with that?" Lasee said.

One Wisconsin Now thinks law enforcement should investigate. It referred us to a written statement from its executive director, Scot Ross, "Frank Lasee owes us an explanation.

D.A. John Zakowski told us, "If there's a plausible explanation, or if he's saying this is hearsay, then it really isn't going to behoove us to be able to actually do an interview."

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  1. How does one in Wisconsin vote illegally when they are not a resident of the area? The last I knew a person must provide proof that they live at an address especially when one registers on Election Day. And if it isn't a drivers license it could be a utility bill or rent receipt that is 30 days?

    More than likely they are creating stories to support changing the law. And more than likely supported by the Koch brothers and other anti voter supporters.