Friday, May 27, 2011

Talk Host McKenna Bashes Protests, filled with Cops and Fire-fighters, Families, Teachers...How Dangerous is That?

Here we go again! As Bush once said about catapulting the propaganda, if you say it enough, it becomes real in the alternate universe of conservativism.

WTDY's Sly in the Morning caught this audio of conservative witch-winger Vicki McKenna, spinning another yarn about the "dangerous" family protests at the state Capitol, you know the one with all the police and fire fighters. McKenna attempted to make the case for Republican legislators, who illegally pass the collective bargaining law, by saying the were forced to do it because...get this...protesters were occupying the Capitol.

I also included a Sly caller claiming to be a Democrat, who couldn't stop pushing the fact that Walker WON, along with conservative activist Justice David Prosser. He WON. I heard this a lot from my conservative friend in Milwaukee during the election. All he could talk about was winning, issues didn't matter, Republicans were going to WIN. Yeah, I got it. It really is a game to these people, and less about governing.

Here's another example of "Chaos at the Capitol," a term used by WTMJ TV 4 in Milwaukee, as described by WIBA's McKenna:


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