Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bottom Feeding Trolls of the Republican Party. Whiny Con Artists Distract from Questionable Signatures in Dem Recalls.

You can’t say they didn’t try. But you can say they don’t have anything left, morally or ethically, that ties to them to this or any other world.

Like illegally passing the elimination of collective bargaining, Republican recall operatives would love to rush their signatures through, because something might be wrong? Hiding something?

Cap Times: Residents connected to the recall efforts of three Democratic senators called for the state's top election official to resign Tuesday, charging the agency he oversees is slanting recall results toward the Democrats … came after the agency's board voted Tuesday to move ahead with recall elections against three more Republican senators, while postponing its decision to vote on the petitions to recall three Democratic senators. 
Maybe the objections to the Republican recall efforts were troublesome enough to require taking more time. But Kevin Kennedy, the director of the nonpartisan Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, also asked for more time to determine if recalls against sitting Republican Senators were legitimate. But whine, whine, whine, stamp your feet and cry "unfair." 

But the real reason is more obvious; pressure to pass questionable signatures all in the name of appearing “nonpartisan.” Like everything the Republicans have done so far, being nonpartisan has never been a huge concern, and gaming the system is.
Orville Seymer, director of field operations for the Milwaukee-based Citizens Responsible for Government, or CRG, Network, said the GAB's actions are unfairly and purposefully affecting the momentum.
The poor victims of their own making.  

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