Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gun zealots have a big problem; they’re starting look crazy now, real crazy!

It’s no secret that privacy concerns about who own a gun is just an excuse to hide concealed carry offenses and skew the their problematic ownership record nationwide. They’ll continue to point to the lie that states have experienced “no problem” with CC gun owners. These are “law abiding” citizens.  
You don’t believe me, check this out:
Cap Times: Illinois lawmakers voted overwhelming Friday to bar the public from knowing who holds a firearm owner identification card, a victory for gun owners who say they have a right to privacy … By prohibiting the names' release, Illinois would follow the lead of Florida and Tennessee, which shut off access to information about people with permits to carry concealed firearms after newspapers revealed significant lapses.

A newspaper investigation in south Florida published in 2007 found that 1,400 people given concealed-carry licenses in the first half of 2006 had earlier pleaded guilty or no contest to felonies. In Memphis, Tenn., a newspaper found at least 70 people in the metropolitan area with carry permits despite violent histories.
The problem documented above is not an issue for gun privacy/concealed carry freaks. It’s not even a part of the argument in Wisconsin now, as CC is about to become law. The solution would be easy though:
Brian Malte of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said if cardholders' names are shielded from public scrutiny, "there needs to be assurances by government officials that they will audit the system to make sure it's working as intended."
The lawless dictatorial flag waving conservative ideology is winning the CC war on average Americans, who are threatened by gun toting paranoid hobbyists ready to shoot it out in public. 

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