Monday, May 30, 2011

Rightbloggers, Hypocrites, and Bizarro World Witticisms surrounding MediScare!!.

With a little research and a lot of time on their hands, the Village Voice did this interesting piece on the right wing contortions over the push back from Rep. Paul Ryan’s attack on Medicare.

What, not everyone thinks like them?

Kathy Hochul's surge coincided with heavy, issue-specific campaign advertising, reminding NY-26 voters that Republicans in Congress supported a plan to turn Medicare into something like a benefit-limiting voucher program, aka Not Medicare.

Rightbloggers quickly grasped the true lesson of the event: That the man behind the GOP program, Congressman Paul Ryan, should run for President.

But before that, many had seen The Agenda Project’s parody ad, where grandma no longer has to appear in front of a death panel, instead Rep. Paul Ryan will personally give them a little push:

This rare Democratic shot over the bow elicited many of the reactions below:

"This is the Marxist left in action and it's only gonna get worse," said The Hot Joints. "New Low," said Politicons.

"The same people who are all for euthanasia and death panels are essentially calling Paul Ryan a murderer for trying to save Medicare," groused Creative Minority Report.

"The Dems conveniently leave out the part that any change in Medicare will not affect people on Medicare now," said The Conservative Lady, "only those who are younger than 55." So, seniors, it's only your children who'll get pushed over the cliff when they get old and sick -- why you stressing?

Some plotted a response ad. "Maybe some conservative group should produce a sequel in which the granny pushes young children off the cliff?" tweeted The Weekly Standard's Philip Klein. "An ad that's truer to life," rejoined Allahpundit of Hot Air, "would have [kids] tossing money at granny and then diving headfirst off the cliff voluntarily." (Oh, please make that ad.)

Ace of Spades, asserting that the Democrats would let Medicare go bankrupt and bring in "death panels," said, "if, faced with these facts, seniors not only acquiesce to this outcome, but in fact affirmatively choose it, then they'll have no one to blame but themselves, and they can cry to someone else when they can't get coverage." Nobody's gonna tell himRepublicans don't care about seniors, including seniors.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air tried to rally GOP voters with this battle cry: "One seat more or less isn't going to make tsunami level headlines. But that doesn't mean it's not worth the effort."

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