Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conservative Talk Host Belling Denounces Quick School Board Vote for Teachers, but likes quick vote in legislature. Whiny protest ensues.

When Gov. Walker didn't listen to over a million protesters in pushing his attack on public workers, that was okay. But like before, if Democrats didn't cow-tow to Republican demands, they're "not listening." It's getting friggin' old.

Conservatives like to jam their agenda down the throats of Democrats, after all, what's wrong with that.  But when it comes to defending teachers, and a school boards quick approval of their two year contract, angry Republican Walker mob-sters lost their cool because they didn't get their way.

Host Mark Belling may have missed the public outcry and opposition to Gov. Walker's attack on labor, and the one million plus protesters statewide, because he still thinks citizens hate teachers. A small crowd in Menominee Falls showed up for the board meeting, and approval, of their well thought out teacher contract. Public school opponents went crazy, personally attacking the board, and accused the board of...here we go again...not listening!

Sorry guys, I don't think anyone was listening when the Republican legislature slashed teacher benefits, along with collective bargaining, against overwhelming public opinion against their bill. Who was listening then?

Here's a video of the boards closing minutes, just a sample of a meeting that spanned FOUR HOURS of public input. Protesters apparently expected their minority whining to change the boards decision. They didn't get their way. SHAME?


Here's audio of Belling's lead up to, and closing of the above clip, saturated with name calling and the Walker/Americans for Prosperity talking points.

Here's what happened in Hartland's negotiations.

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