Monday, May 23, 2011

The Alternative Universe of Ron "dim bulb" Johnson...

The walking, talking insult to our intelligence, "Dim Bulb" Johnson, recently appeared on Upfront with Mike Goushe (goo-shay). His lackadaisical romp through life is now effecting me, and I've got a problem with that. His pontifications read like a MacIver Institute list of "deep thoughts."

Tax increases bad, fire good!

"Dim bulb" Johnson completely fabricates why we had a recession in 2001. And the argument that higher taxes will prevent people from craving more's almost laughable.

Johnson's absurd story telling is astonishing:

Dim Bulb Johnson: "I would talk to young people, 'what do you think you'll get out of Social Security, or Medicare?' Every time, I mean every time, the answer was...nothing. They don't expect to get anything. That's simply not fair. What that also tells me, we have a receptive audience for reform." 
Gee, I wonder where young people got the idea our social safety nets wouldn't be there for them? Republican conditioning has made them "receptive," so what better time than now to take advantage of them?

Here Johnson wants the country to plan on defaulting on our debt. It's the responsible thing to do? My favorite line comes at the end of Johnson's preparedness analogy to sandbagging the Mississippi River;

Dim Bulb Johnson: "We need to kind of sandbag our budget here..."

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