Friday, May 27, 2011

Rapture Malfunction!!!! Do-Over Coming?

Call it a mechanical failure of biblical proportions, but just as the rapture was about to happen, God blew a fuse. It happens to even the best handy man, as many men are willing to admit. Not to worry, like any guy...or God, a quick read of the instructions laid out in the bible and all should end without a hitch on Oct. 21st.

But proof of the malfunction is really embarrassing for God, and leave it to "liberal" godless Madison to point out the mistake, with the whole world watching:

WSJ: Did the Rapture happen in Madison after all? Or was it the work of a clever band of artistic pranksters? Clothing with apparent burn marks along with such personal effects as wallets, watches and keys was found Sunday on the largest hill of Olin-Turville Park, according to a Madison police report.

It started like this: A local resident called the police Sunday after seeing the items in the park on the shore of Lake Monona. The responding officer found about 30 sets of clothing. “It was as if people had been on their backs and vanished in their birthday (suits), leaving all material possessions behind,” DeSpain said in the report. “There were wrist watches where arms should have been and sets of keys in pants pockets.”

He also quoted the officer describing burn marks on the clothing, which was spread out in a circular fashion: “All outfits ... were perfectly laid out as if the people wearing them had met with some sort of forceful and immediate action. (The clothing) had varying levels of what appeared to be burns or melting, as if exposed to some sort of intense heat source.”

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