Friday, May 20, 2011

Rep. Allen West vs Everybody Else; "I will take my hands off Medicare...when there is no Medicare."

I challenge Politifact to finally reach the conclusion that Republicans really do want to kill Medicare, after listening to the following video of Rep. Allen West.

West is an extremist authoritarian tea party conservative. Most tea party voters are, when you consider their "no compromise" agenda, a quality they were insisting on only a year ago during the health care reform debate. Well I guess that isn't true either, when you consider their idea of a fair compromise, was to pass their own plan exclusively.

But West is unique in boldly strutting conservative authoritarianism, which is why I like to focus on him. I'm still amazed he won over the electorate with his air of superiority and condescending attitude to those who might disagree with him. Go figure. 

Rep. West of course doesn’t  think Ryan’s “Path” changes Medicare dramatically, or that it pretty much sets up a future disaster for seniors and a life or death debate down the road.

West’s loves to taunt a disgruntled audience, in a show of his tough military training and brute strength against enemy opposition forces. Even as the crowd chants “Hands off Medicare!” West’s tea party extremism was on full display:

“I will take my hands off Medicare and when there is no Medicare, then I will come see you sir.”

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