Thursday, May 19, 2011

Job Creation, Trending DOWN, from the previous administrations spillover jobs in 2011.

What would seem like great news for Gov. Scott Walker wasn’t reflected in the recent job numbers that added 3000 more from the previous month.

The state Department of Workforce Development report reflected jobs created by the previous administration, and not Walker:
jsonline: The figures continue a private-sector trend that began with 11,300 new net jobs in January; 3,000 in February; and 7,600 in March, the agency said.
But here’s how those numbers look when you consider how job creation is trending:
Wisconsin's seasonally adjusted April unemployment rate was 7.3%, down slightly from 7.4% in March and down 1.5 percentage points from 8.8% in April 2010. 
That’s a downward trend. We’re not seeing businesses rushing to Wisconsin to take advantage of a dramatically lower quality of life than in previous years, or its potentially lower wages. And how do these number compare to jobs lost? 

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