Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ed Schultz: What radio needed and was not getting was quality control...until Now.

Ed Schultz did what you won't find one conservative talk show host do, self police and discipline themselves. Ed apologized to Laura Ingraham tonight for calling her a "right wing slut." A needless barb, but mild compared to references made by conservative talkers.

It shook him up so much, he pulled himself off the air at MSNBC for an indefinite period of time. Sure it might have been a mutual decision, but Ed's reference to his kids tells me it's more than that.

Good on you Ed.


  1. Oh yeah Ed is just a peach O_o
    This is really impressive behavior. The pinnacle.
    All us "Ladies out here" are just so grateful for Ed's magnificent behavior. You couldn't have expected this kind of greatness from say Walter Cronkite or anyone in the past. It was just slut slut slut every day from Walter, no holds barred. But this new Quality Control. Man it's great.
    and...gosh dar I seem to recall that Ed was a conservative talk show host before he became a "liberal" talk show host. Just changed to make the money.
    and he was a hot-headed suspended jackass back then too. But yeah, Ed is real "Quality" all right. Real quality

  2. After reading your response, and false equivalency to Cronkite (who was a news man, not talk host), you never mentioned any conservative hosts who have said worse, and punished their own behavior.

    Another words, you're not making any sense.