Thursday, May 26, 2011

Republicans, like Sen. Eric Cantor for instance, are turning on their voters, and won’t help with disaster aid unless there are cuts in federal spending.

In an amazingly moment of cruelty, Republican are showing how insignificant voters they are to their agenda, and how they've transformed in totality to the party of corporate wealth and greed. What a time to without aid to tornado ravaged Americans.
Politico: While much of Joplin, Mo., is still under rubble from a devastating tornado, conservatives in Congress are starting to argue for a tougher approach to disaster aid, demanding that any funding be offset by cutting federal money elsewhere.
A tougher approach to disaster aid? Really, that's where they're drawing the line now? That’s not all;

Disasters will no longer be considered “emergencies” if conservatives win this battle to redefine the way Congress funds aid packages for states and cities stricken by natural and man-made catastrophes. “I do not believe in offsetting emergency funds, period,” Missouri Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, a senior GOP member of the spending panel, said.
This is what voters asked Republicans to do when they elected these ghouls into office?  

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