Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Theatre of the Absurd 2: Nat. GOP Playbook by the numbers!! Walker’s “State Employee Recognition” week same as Gov. Kasich’s “Public Service Appreciation Week.”

How sickeningly unoriginal and transparently phony!!  

They couldn’t have picked different weeks?!!! Today Scott Walker made the announcement below as a way to heal wounds and forgive and forget (previous story here).
Governor Scott Walker today announced a program to recognize the hard work and dedication of state employees.  The State Employee Recognition Program will honor state employees that go the extra mile in their service. “Wisconsin is grateful for the dedication and hard work of our public servants,” said Governor Scott Walker.  
Meanwhile, in another state…
In the midst of a battle with government employees, Gov. John Kasich issued proclamations yesterday praising public employees in general and schoolteachers in particular … established May 1-7 as Public Service Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Week. He called public employees "community leaders and our neighbors ... who protect us, care for our most vulnerable, teach our children, and maintain our infrastructure to aid commerce and economic development throughout Ohio."
Can you believe the balls it takes for these two wildly unpopular governors to roll out this absurdly insulting plan the same week?  It's a public deception campaign that assumes we are truly this clueless.
Ohio House Minority Leader Armond Budish, D-Beachwood, issued a statement saying, “Does he get the irony … While he's putting out statements of praise, he and his Republican cronies are working to systematically destroy public employees and teachers..." 

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