Friday, May 6, 2011

Tell conservative radio ranter Charlie Sykes, "Voter Fraud is NOT Election Fraud. They're not the same."

Voter Id will disenfranchise voters, tens of thousands of Americans.

So what happens when election officials mishandle bags of ballots, have access to computer hard drives, surprise officials with a whole communities misplaced votes, and discover opened bags that should have been sealed properly?  It's another way of disenfranchising voters, isn't it, by carelessly handling our ballots.

Conservative talk host Charlie Sykes, the author of "Dumbing Down our Kids" and who is currently working successfully at "Dumbing Down his Listeners,"  goes over the top with a dumbfounding discussion of "voter fraud." What he really means is "election fraud," but Sykes knows that, and pushes credulity to its limits by conflating the two completely different issues.

At one point he mentions how liberals discount voter fraud, whining that there is no need for photo ID, yet hypocritically claim now that there is fraud everywhere. Sykes knows better, or he should, since the recount deals with election fraud, and not Voter ID, which is a mythical conservative scare tactic designed to make people think someone is stealing their vote.

I'm featuring his latest diatribe here as an example of how blatant the conservative media is about flat out lying. With 92 percent of conservative talk radio dominating the political discussion, constantly mudding the waters on everything from voter ID to election fraud, is it any wonder their listeners have become so paranoid they think they need to carry loaded guns into ice cream shops?

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Anonymous said...

For the smart guy he thinks he is,
he's even dummer than Rush. Even a 5th grader knows the difference.