Sunday, May 8, 2011

Protesting boaters "up north" greeted Gov. Walker's relaxing day out fishing...taking their orders from American Angler magazine Bosses?

This could only happen in Wisconsin. Chippewa Falls citizens, in their boats, protested a relaxed Gov. Scott Walker fishing on lake Wissota. 

In what could be considered a first by this blogger, this surreal meeting of the governor and angry Wisconsinites is a site to behold. We really are a very politically active state.  

WEAU: A day out on the lake gets political, as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker comes to the Chippewa Valley for the 46th Annual Governor’s Fishing Opener. At Saturday’s opener in Chippewa Falls on Lake Wissota, the governor reeled in nearly a dozen protesters in three boats, all with protest signs pointed at him. The protesters paraded around the lake in several boats, speaking out against Walker with dozens of signs. 


Anonymous said...

I you mean it's the first time a Governor was ever protested on Lake Wissota - then I'd say yeah that's true. If you think this is ht first time that "things got political" on the water, around the water and on boat landings, you'd be WAAAY wrong.
There were terrible and re0curring conflicts between tribes wanting to exercise their treaty rights and white fishermen lead by a "john Wayne" right wing a-hole type named Dean Crist
It got nasty. Those guys had shirts that said "Save A Fish, Spear An Indian" and stuff like that. They were not nice people and threatening to take it into their own hands etc.
Pretty sure the Governor never got on a boat at the times but he was way aware and had to "take sides" etc.
And that would have involved a lot more people than "3 boats with a dozen people"

Democurmudgeon said...

You are right, I remember when that took place.