Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Walker dramatically increases...Planned Layoffs!!!

I'd like to see Scott Walker run on the following gubernatorial high point...planned layoffs!!! Big story:

WKOW: At the halfway point of 2015, Wisconsin employers have already notified the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) of more planned layoffs than in all of 2014. As of June 30, state employers have notified DWD they will be laying off a total of 6,685 employees. That is higher than the total number for both 2012 (6,511) and 2014 (6,186).

At the current pace Wisconsin would see more than 13,000 planned layoffs announced in 2015, the highest of any year under Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin). The previous high during the Walker administration was just over 9,000 in 2011, his first year in office.
Of course the Department of Workforce Developement would much rather pretend there was nothing to see here, because as the Republican rule goes, they don't offer solutions, they offer uplifting talking points:
Secretary Newson said in response to such criticism, "Well, let me talk about the unemployment rate here in Wisconsin, which is at 4.6%, the lowest it's been since the fall of 2008." Newson points to that data and the fact that overall job growth is up. Wisconsin added 35,759 jobs in 2014. He did not offer any explanation for rapid spike in layoffs this year. "What I'm hearing from employers is they have job openings and opportunities," said Newson. 
Right...and about those planned layoffs again...?

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