Thursday, January 12, 2012

James O'Keefe Commits 12 Counts of Voter Fraud!! How dumb is that?

In a state that had only one case of voter fraud since 2000, New Hampshire election officials got punked by right wing zealot and edit room liar James O'Keefe.

The jokes on O'Keefe, who committed at least 12 acts of voter fraud to prove his point, something no one in their right mind would the real world. Think about it, who would commit a felony to add just one vote more for your candidate? That's how crazy the voter fraud issue is.

The state attorney general is investigating. Al Sharpton interviews Nashau, NH city clerk Paul Bergeron, and it looks like O'Keefe is in real trouble this time:

I thought this description written up by Salon's Alex Pareene twisted the knife appropriately:

James O’Keefe (remember him? weird guy who’s always filming himself doing unethical and occasionally illegal things in order to somehow prove that liberals do unethical and illegal things?) has broken the law again, in his never-ending quest to prove that liberals have no respect for the rule of law. The conservative filmmaker and master of disguise attempted to commit voter fraud in the New Hampshire primaries. 

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