Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Walker Administration Over Estimate, this time on Badgercare

Let’s face it, Republicans think everyone is a freeloader, flocking to Badgercare by the thousands, so they can pick the pocket of hard working taxpayers who wish they had such an inexpensive government run…oh, oh.

Guess these public welfare Wisconsinites weren’t taking advantage of Badgercare after all. Who would have thought? And like the overestimated, sky is falling Capitol clean-up, the original estimate was wildly off the mark. Looks like the public isn’t as crooked as the Fitzgerald brothers thought.
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker's administration is scaling back by more than $300 million the two-year shortfall projected for state health programs for the poor. Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith said the projections are improved because costs in Medicaid programs are now expected to be lower. That's because enrollment is not rising as sharply as expected and people in the program are not racking up charges as greatly as expected.

But instead of turning that good news into a possible lifesaving health care benefit, that won’t be lost by tens of thousands of needy families, Walker instead won’t give ‘em a break.
But a state health department spokeswoman said that to ensure the state health programs remain affordable, the Walker administration will still seek to proceed with a half-billion dollars in proposed cut’s affecting tens of thousands of recipients.
And still the Democrats response is pathetic, especially from someone I consider a real fighter:
Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) said the improved projection provides an opportunity (blah, blah, blah)… called the Walker administration decision to seek to move forward with the cuts "unfortunate."

Really, “unfortunate” is the way Democrats would describe the horror of hanging families out there without a health care safety net?

When will the Democratic legislators start taking the offensive and fight? You know, like the Wisconsin 14…on second thought, where the hell are they now?

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