Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surprise, Sen. Glenn Grothman not big on U.W. Racial Diversity. Pocan Picks him Apart!!!

Rep. Mark Pocan couldn't have been clearer, and Sen. Glenn Grothman couldn't have been more clueless, about an out of state right wing fringe groups attempts to change the UW's admission policy. But as horrific and unwelcome as out-of-stater's are, according to Republicans when it comes to protests against Gov. Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers, they're okay when they organize recalls petitions against Democrats and spread racism.

The five person "clan," disguised as the conservative "Center for Equal Opportunity" think tank, came to Madison from Virginia demanding a statewide referendum to do away with the UW's diversity admissions criteria. Insulted yet?

The CEO opposes affirmative action, bilingual education, Justice Sotomayor...basically anything that has to do with race. Don't laugh, but Grothman actually said this:
Glenn Grothman: "Frederica, what your listeners want to leave this little presentation with is this group had no reason to dislike Wisconsin more than other states..."

Imagine that, a right wing racist hate group having no reason at all to try and dismantle affirmative action on the UW campus, or anyplace for that matter. Silly? Make a special note of the way Mark Pocan completely dismantles the group. This his how Democrats should go on the offensive whenever conservative think tanks introduce more of their obvious and outrageous policy. They aren't a real part of the debate. WPT's Here and Now:

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