Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walker Resorts to Violence, Arrests on Road to Recall.

The war has started, declared at the Capitol by the Walker administration, brought on by the arrests of protesters in the Assembly gallery. This is a confrontation the administration wants to start now, just in time for the upcoming recall election, all in the hopes of painting the demonstrators as thugs, lawbreakers and vandals. The authoritarian takeover of out state is now in high gear.

Republicans are sick sons-of-bitches.
jsonline: A dozen protesters were removed from the Assembly gallery and cited Tuesday after filming legislative proceedings and holding up signs.
Three of them – Thi Le, Jeremy Ryan and CJ Terrell – were jailed for bail jumping and remain there now, according to the Dane County Jail. They were also cited for disorderly conduct. The bail jumping citations stem from an earlier round of filming in the Assembly galleries. The three were to follow state administrative rules as a condition of their bail, but they are fighting that requirement because they contend the rules are unconstitutional.
Also Tuesday, nine others were arrested and cited for disorderly conduct, according to Deputy Administration Secretary Chris Schoenherr.
Lawmakers do not allow citizens to hold up signs and film or photograph the Assembly from the galleries. Protesters have been challenging those policies by holding up small signs, taping signs to their shirts or filming proceedings in recent months. Unlike earlier protests this year, the many of the recent actions have often been conducted quietly.
On Tuesday, Assembly Democrats tried to hold a vote on a resolution encouraging "each individual’s peaceful expression of his or her views in the Assembly gallery." Republicans refused to take it up on a 57-35 vote

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