Friday, October 21, 2011

Walker can't defend or explain Lawsuit Reform!!! Hey, it's something the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants, okay.

A big thumbs up to the Wisconsin Radio Network reporters, who continued to ask Gov. Walker to explain how tort reform would create jobs. At one point, a reporter asked if he could try to connect the job creation dots, so we could all understand. Walker couldn't.

This all happened after Walker proudly accepted an award for his anti-consumerism;
At Madison’s Monona Terrace Tuesday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce presented Walker with an award for the tort reforms he signed into law earlier this year.

Tort reform is just a part of the bigger plan, says Walker, whether it makes sense or not. And it doesn't.

WRN: Governor Scott Walker says changes to Wisconsin’s tort laws will be good for business. With tort reforms relating to prescription drugs, attorney fees and interest rates on damage awards all included in the latest special session on jobs creation, Walker is countering arguments those changes will make it more difficult for people to seek remedy through the courts. “Wisconsin still has very strong protections for consumer protection, particularly protecting older adults and seniors in our communities,” Walker said. “None of that’s affected one way or the other.”

What Walker intentionally leaves out is how the reform laws discourage lawyers from helping consumers, by reducing their commission rates so dramatically, lawyers would go broke pursuing a lawsuit. Lawyers fees are paid by the company being sued, which at times, could be huge. Walker argues that the elimination of, or capping those fees, would bring "certainty" into the free market. But a free market would never have caps or a free pass from liability, because those are the very checks and balances that make the markets work.

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