Monday, October 24, 2011

Admit it, Public Education is on its way out. Voters have turned on teachers, education.

Teachers, principals and school boards are warning that Wisconsin is on its way to deeper cuts in education, even if we're graced with a mild economic recovery. Not only are teachers at the mercy of politically elected ideologues with a possible ax to grind with public education, the current set of tools won't be enough to sustain our schools in the coming years.

It's all part of a plan by Republicans to set public education up for a fall, claiming they did all they could but the schools still failed. Private schools in fact, according to current research, will most likely be worse. And with the tea party movement admitting their goal is to destroy public education, with no voter outrage over their plans, there's nothing that will stop the inevitable. Like the video and story below:

Here’s what is about to happen in Wisconsin if we don’t head off this downward spiral by balancing the legislature or governor in the next year.
Huffington Post: Educators are bracing for a tough reality: more tough times are likely ahead.

Even in a best-case scenario it won't be until 2013 or later when districts see budget levels return to pre-recession levels … That means more cuts and layoffs are likely ahead. Already, an estimated 294,000 jobs in the education sector have been lost since 2008, including those in higher education. Budget cuts and teacher layoffs have forced the school to cut some P.E. classes, reduce library hours and eliminate small literacy classes for struggling readers and Spanish for sixth- and seventh-graders. Principal Josh Keene says he's worried whether class sizes will jump from around 25 to 35 or 40.

Obama included $30 billion in his $447 billion jobs creation package to save teachers' jobs. The Senate rejected the jobs package as well as a separate measure focused on saving the jobs of teachers and emergency responders. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said the plan resembles "bailouts" that haven't proven to work and only perpetuate economic problems.

But bailouts have worked, the stimulus has worked and McConnell perpetuated a lie to make a point, a lie that not even the reporter disputed in the article like I just did. 

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