Thursday, October 27, 2011

Built on one big lie, this is what passes for right wing brilliance...

My conservative friend sent me this bullshit cartoon as a way of making his intellectually challenged point: 

I guess the poor and middle class don't pay 15 percent payroll tax the rich don't, property taxes, state sales taxes, gas taxes. I better look into how they did that. 


  1. A brilliant mind would cipher that the cartoon is referring to federal income tax.

  2. "Who pay no taxes" hard is that to cipher?

    That is intentionally misleading and meant to be unclear, or is that to hard to cipher?

  3. So when he mentions the 'other half that don't pay their fair share' he is talking about state taxes,property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes.
    OK, that makes sense.

  4. That's a lame come back and pretty much doesn't make any sense.

    Trolling is fine, I like visitors, but add something that doesn't sound like a tea party dummy.

    Common sense and ridiculous down the rabbit hole mind games don't cut it here.

  5. Why would Obama, the president, be talking about state and local taxes?
    He wants to raise federal income tax. He can't raise state taxes or state sales tax, or property taxes.
    (shaking my head in disbelief)