Friday, October 21, 2011

Walker Budget takes Money Back if Wished for Revenues Tank and Republican theory Fails.

There's little information to backup or disprove what I'm about to observe, but for now, here's how things look. 

How’s this for budgeting; if the current tax cuts and corporate give-a-ways create a revenue shortfall for the state, the state requires further cuts to education and services without going through the legislative process or public embarrassment for failing to balance the books. Big surprise.

This is how bookkeeping looks if you are only using ideologically manufactured data and outcomes. I’m not an economist, and I could use a little help from a legislator on my interpretation, but that’s how I see things right now.
Journaltimes: The University of Wisconsin-Parkside may have to give back $1.5 million over the next two years to the state, according to a story by the Racine Journal Times. David Giroux, a UW System spokesman, told Lindsay Fiori, of the Journal Times: “The state budget contained a relief valve, a safety valve, so if revenues the state was taking in weren’t what they hoped for, the administration could pull back some of those funds already allocated. So that’s what’s called a lapse. It’s a one-time giveback,” Giroux said. The DOA plan exempts technical colleges and K-12 schools from having to give money back, saying those things are "high-priority."

 And college isn’t a high priority? This scheme should be exposed by Democratic legislators if in fact, that’s what it is. 

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