Thursday, October 20, 2011

Voter ID Challenged based on Wisconsin Constitutional.

This might be the best way to attack voter disenfranchisement.
Jsonline: The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin sued the state Thursday in an attempt to block a new requirement that voters show photo identification at the polls.
The suit argues the state constitution allows the Legislature to exclude felons and the incompetent from voting, but cannot restrict others from voting. The new photo ID law creates a new class of people who cannot vote - those without ID - and thus violates the state constitution, the suit argues.

The suit also notes that people who lose a free state ID must pay $16 to replace it.

"Founded by the suffragists who won the right to vote for women in 1920 after a decades-long struggle, the League of Women Voters believes voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed," Ramey said in a statement. "We are appalled by the stories the league is hearing about the barriers people are facing in trying to obtain an acceptable ID." 


  1. I think it's appalling that anyone would have a problem with voters being asked to present a legal photo ID before being allowed to vote. I've had a state issued photo ID for 35 years and have yet to lose one. The idea that charging for a lost ID discriminates is nonsense. Instances of lost IDs should be rare if they are in the hands of competant individuals. It seems the WVoW have too much time on their hands.

  2. It's too bad more people are perfect like you. In fact, it's sad they don't do everything like you.

    Why can't people be as arrogant as you?

    Because they're not a self-centered egotist like you.

    Thanks for gracing my site with your words of wisdom.