Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Passing in NO PASSING ZONES approved 93-0 in State Assembly. Is that madness?

No passing zones prevent head-on collisions. They're created when oncoming traffic isn't visible enough to risk passing another vehicle and allowing time to return to your lane. So...

What am I missing here?
AP: The state Assembly has approved a bill that would allow cars and trucks to go around bicycles and other slow-moving vehicles in no-passing zones. The bipartisan measure permits a vehicle in a no-passing zone to pass any other vehicle, including a bicycle, that's traveling at less than half the speed limit. The Assembly passed the bill 93-0. It goes next to the state Senate.

As much as I’ve hated getting behind huge farm combines and maintenance utility vehicles, can we really just pass these vehicles and bikes on roads with no visibility ahead –that’s why there are no passing zones- and think everything is going to be alright? 

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