Sunday, October 16, 2011

We May not know Where to Vote if the Republicans have their way.

Fair Elections Wisconsin noticed a very important misdirection play created by our one party authority to disenfranchise voters; not telling people where to vote. Their website headline:

Protect Voters from Surprise Polling Place Changes or Closures

It’s already left voters stranded by simply underfunding the recalls. Just wait till the Republicans pass a law making the following a regular occurrence.   
Madisoncom: On July 12 … 505 residents of Glendale were eager to fulfill their significant role in our form of government … But when those 505 citizens arrived at their regular polling place, they found it closed. Glendale, a suburb of Milwaukee, had decided not to fully fund the election. Efforts to inform voters fell far short, as approximately 20 percent of the voters went to a closed polling place … What of the woman who along with her young daughter walked a mile to a closed polling place? The only place she could vote was six miles away.

What’s changed? Municipalities will change their establishment of polling places from 60 days to 30 days before an election. Would I kid you?

Fair Elections Wisconsin found the following weaknesses in the proposed changes:
There is no requirement that municipal clerks update the Statewide Voter Registration System. Thus, voters checking for their polling place at Voter Public Access (the GAB website) may get wrong information. Furthermore, voters who recently registered will be sent verification postcards that might have the wrong polling place listed.

There is no requirement that voters be informed by mail, even if the polling place is changed from the primary to the final election.

So much for small d democracy. 

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