Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Walker Blames Jobless "Open for Business" Plan on National Slowdown (created by House Republicans).

Anyone surprised by the sluggish jobs activity nation and statewide?

A few groups, Republicans running for office in 2010, and voters who believed them, were surprised.

We knew a Republican sweep of the House would stop all aid to states and stimulus programs. The states would be allowed to sink under their own deficits and make draconian unpopular cuts. We knew that would kill tens of thousands of jobs in the public sector, depriving tens of thousands of consumers the buying power to create demand, which in turn would killed any chance of an economic recovery.

But it looks like the media will let Scott Walker…walk for making promises and winning an election based on all false assumptions. 2010 was an election without policy positions if you might recall.

So now Walker’s promise to create 250,000 jobs isn’t likely to happen because…of course, the sluggish national trend. Who could have known.
AP: Gov. Scott Walker says he holds meetings across the state with business leaders … Walker promised that in his first term the state would add 250,000 jobs. But the state’s economy has followed national trends and remained sluggish.

Bingo, Scott Walker gets a pass? A promise is a promise. Who would have thought the Republicans in Congress would do everything they could to stop a recovery. Will Walker blame them?

After all of the Walker budget cuts and business handouts, no jobs!!! If you bring in the high speed train decision and the legislative brakes put on wind energy, well, what’s the big surprise?

A recall will have at the center of the campaign, Walker’s list of bad decisions that did nothing but increase unemployment from 7.2 percent to 7.9 percent, a huge jump by anybody’s measure. 

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