Wednesday, October 19, 2011

State Republicans who blamed protests on meddling outsider’s, welcome racist outsider’s pushing costly referendum on UW affirmative action policy.

Rep. Steve Nass is again in the middle of another racial controversy because he sees himself as the great defender of white guys. But let’s get to the hypocrisy first.

This is starting to get ridiculous. First Republicans complained teachers and unions brought in “outsiders” to agitate and protest at the Capitol, all the while organizing a counter protest with out-of-state tea party fanatics Americans for Prosperity. Then, state Republicans went out to get paid “outsiders” to gather recall petitions for Democratic Senators.

Now, Republicans are rolling out the welcome mat to another outside group, this time a racist Virginia think tank opposed to affirmative action.   
WSJ: The Virginia-based Center for Equal Opportunity alleged last month in two reports that UW-Madison gives preference to black and Hispanic students over white and Asian students in undergraduate and law school admissions. Roger Clegg, president and general counsel of the center, flew in…

Flew in? “OUTSIDER!!” Overseeing the legislative hearing was none other than racist bigot Rep. Steve Nass. Not only does Nass want to repeal a law banning racist team mascots, but now he’s playing hand maid to an out-of-state group of cleverly disguised grand dragons telling Wisconsinites who to admit at our public university. Nass knows how to soft peddle racism:
Rep. Steve Nass, chairman of the committee, said "there is a concern" about the university's admissions policy. But he … thinks elected officials might be "uncomfortable" voting on the sensitive issue.

Like all state Republicans, Nass will not tolerate criticism, no matter how fact based or relevant:
Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, accused the study's authors of being unprepared and "very biased," asking Clegg why the report didn't take into consideration academic performance. Nass shot back that Pocan was engaging in "name calling and allegations."

I missed the name calling part. Guess we can’t question the motives and starkly open racism from an “outside” group. Nass also suggested pressure from these poor picked on white guys could result in changing the admissions policy. What, and have an “outside” group tell Wisconsin what to do?

But the ultimate ballsy hypocrisy?
Clegg suggested that the people of Wisconsin could vote on a referendum to end the consideration of race in admissions, which has happened in other states. "I'm prepared to put this to a vote to the people of Wisconsin," Clegg said.

“I’m prepared to put it to a vote” is a pretty presumptuous expectation from an outside group from Virginia, who should mind their own business. But you won’t hear that argument from hypocrite Rep. Steve Nass. 

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