Monday, October 24, 2011

Rep. Robin Vos’ Pay to Play Lawsuit Protection Plan for Business Donors

Nothing says criminal behavior like the following pay-to-play open and shut case. And if you think for one second that attorney’s fees set at three times the amount is fair, after seeing the figure below, than you’ve just given this craven act of bribery a pass.

These sick sociopathic Republicans probably do sleep better at night knowing they’ve got crass conservatives like David Lynch around to lip off to Democratic lawmakers. Who would buy a car from this guy anyway? Add another one to the list that includes Johnsonville Brats.
jsonline: Republicans in the Legislature are trying to pass a bill to cap attorney fees that can be awarded in response to a case in which a firm owned by a GOP donor had to pay more than $150,000 in legal costs.

The legal fees were included in a settlement after a man who bought a car from John Lynch Pontiac-Chevrolet alleged he had to pay nearly $5,000 for repairs he never approved. In response, Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) has written a bill that would limit the amount of attorney fees that could be paid in such cases to three times the amount that is disputed in a case. In the Lynch case, the attorney fees would have been limited to $15,000 because the case centered on $5,000 in repairs.

The Burlington dealership is owned by David Lynch, a Vos constituent who has made 36 contributions to Republicans totaling $10,650 since 2008. He gave nothing to Democrats during that time.

Here it comes, that over used clichéd reason for selling out to business;
Vos says the limits would provide certainty for businesses. 

In a free market, there is no certainty. But you won’t believe the arrogance of the living stereotype of a car salesman:
A hearing on the bill last week was at times testy, with David Lynch saying he was an average guy who got an unfair deal because Kaskin hired a "super attorney.""You've got to encourage guys like me who want to do it right, not give 'attaboys' to attorneys who beat the system," he told lawmakers.

But Democrats on the Assembly Judiciary and Ethics Committee said Lynch was the one to blame for his firm's situation. "You deserve what you get if you don't obey the law," Rep. Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) said. "Had you complied with the consumer protection law, you wouldn't have had to pay one dollar in attorney fees."

Lynch responded: "You are one sad sack, sir."

Good-bye John Lynch Chevrolet. This would be one of the first laws to repeal.

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