Monday, October 17, 2011

John Stossel: "Protesters are ignorant...the public is ignorant ... when it comes to economics."

The conservative intellectual elite know better than most of us, and they're saying so. 
Like libertarian Ron Paul, John Stossel is pushing the same stuff, but with arrogant bluntness. Stossel says the poor now have clean water and flush toilets, just like the kings of yore. Stossel might want to rethink that argument since each item resulted from government regulation. But arrogance?:
Stossel: "Protesters are ignorant when it comes to economics. The public is ignorant. WE WHO UNDERSTAND the benefits of free enterprise need to work harder to explain economics to people."  
Gee, could you help us John, you're so smart? These are the kinds of leaders Republican Tea Party politicians are talking about. We may not like what they'll do to us, but heck, they're the kind of leaders we need, now more than ever. 

From the conservative clap trap at Human Events, this observation about Occupy protesters who needlessly block traffic and dirty up the place:  
Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement moved into a U.S. Senate building in Washington, D.C., last week as a means of protesting the greed of faraway lower Manhattan's financial district.  Protesters seem intent on blocking traffic, taking over buildings and dirtying up public spaces, all to push a laundry list of left-wing demands on the American people.  Liberal politicians who embrace this extremist movement (e.g., President Obama) have put themselves in danger of being soiled by its actions. 
The left wing extremist movement doesn't belong in a one party, authoritarian ruled nation.  Next thing you know they'll be thinking of ways to prevent us from "soiling" anyone else.

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