Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Anti-Democratic Conservative Forces Gaining Power through talk of One Party Rule, bashing protests, safety nets...

One thing has become abundantly clear; protesting ones government is now un-American. How anyone could sell this idea and still get support, like Herman Cain has when the audience applauded his bashing of the Wall Street protesters, is a shocking testament to a rising political conservative authority.

Even though freedom and liberty may be a supposed part of the conservative tea party movement, both ideals ironically disappear under authoritarian conservative politics. Freedom and liberty only means what those in authority say it means. Protests would be stopped, recalls ended, voting made more difficult, health care rationed, education privatized for profit, the poor taxed, safety nets eliminated and on and on….

The fact that the following piece's subject matter is even a major part of the discussion doesn’t bode well for our future. Turning reality upside down and inside out, the Occupy Wall Street and tea party movements don’t represent the supposed and ever changing public “majority,” whatever it has been redefined to be at the moment.
FrumForum: If the Occupy Wall Street protestors represent ‘the 99%’ then why don’t they already dominate our government?

Something else is happening here. In our system of government such mass events tend to cut in the opposite direction, as a reaction against the will of the people. When you see thousands of people gather in a grand protest in America they are doing it because they don’t represent very many voters. Both OWS and the Tea Party should take that as a sober warning. Over the long term, Americans who actually vote are relatively hostile to the costumed and/or unwashed mobs that take to the streets to lengthen their commute and tell them what to think. We may not like the direction America has taken over the past decade, but we can’t hide behind supposed villains like the Koch brothers or the Federal Reserve. Any of us who wants to see the dark forces driving America need only borrow a mirror.

Like Herman Cain said, “…if you’re not rich, blame yourself.”

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