Saturday, October 15, 2011

Walker: "I actually, in many ways, look forward to this (recall)..."

So let's all do Scott Walker a favor. He deserves it.

In an upcoming interview with Fox 11 on Sunday, Scott Walker laments not allowing enough time to explain his plans for collective bargaining in January and February. Ya think? It's an admission that the 14 Democrats who left the state did the right thing and gave the public the chance they needed to learn the truth.

Fox 11: "I look back and I think I should have spent more time in January and February laying the groundwork and building the case," Walker says in the interview.

Now, Walker is facing a possible recall effort.

"I actually, in many ways, look forward to this because it gives us an opportunity, uncluttered, to talk about the real debate in this state about what's happening, what direction," Walker says. "Do we go backwards like Illinois has gone with the policies we had in the past here, higher taxes, more regulations, more barriers to jobs and less reform? Or do we go forward?"

Looking forward to the chance? Maybe he'll enjoy explaining the dramatically increasing unemployment numbers, and blame Obama instead of the Republican House who continue to hold up jobs programs. 

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