Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Democrats and Labor Jobs Meeting; "Enough is enough...we're talking about survival."

This recent jobs meeting held by Democratic legislators and union labor groups, missed by the major news outlets, showcases the energy level and populist issues at the center of the recall effort against Scott Walker.  

Patch: Members of pro-labor groups and area citizens attended the meeting to discuss their concerns with state Democratic Legislators: Sen. Bob Wirch, of Kenosha, Rep. Peter Baca, of Kenosha, Rep. Corey Mason, of Racine, and Rep. Rob Turner.

Ron Thomas, Secretary of Racine County AFL/CIO Labor Council, rattled off a series of percentages that perplexed a room full of people attending (the) "jobs hearing" held at the Roma Lodge Monday night.

The numbers, he said, are the percentage of children in poverty in 17 Racine Unified Schools. A few people in the room let out a gasp. "We need to stand up and say, 'Enough is enough,'" Thomas said. As 39 speakers blasted the decisions made by Republican lawmakers, the political rhetoric fueled the need for recall elections. 

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