Monday, October 24, 2011

Department of Workforce Development can't keep Walker Appointees. What, no jobs?

Scott Walker promised jobs in a near jobless recovery, and got elected based on that promise. The same can be said for the Republican legislature. No jobs and rising unemployment numbers.

Walker gets a big fat F. He's failing (thanks to his fellow Republican in Congress). And things aren’t looking up.

The Department of Workforce Development is spinning its wheels and going nowhere. This is bad news for Scott Walker, who can’t keep appointees in the department.
Biztimes: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker today made his third appointment in nine months to the position of Secretary of the Department of Workforce Development. Today, the governor’s office received Scott Baumbach’s resignation letter and announced that former DWD Deputy Secretary and Department of Transportation Executive Assistant, Reggie Newson has been appointed Secretary of DWD. Baumbach resigned after being in the position just four months. He replaced Walker's first appointee, Manny Perez, who resigned in May after only five months at the post.

It should be no surprise business isn't looking to expand or relocate if demand for their service or product is none existent. No jobs!!! Voters wanted the kind of change that created jobs. It didn't happen, and the only jobs created in Walker's first 6 months were those put in place under Gov. Doyle.
Baumbach’s departure comes three days after an economic forecast by Walker's own administration predicted that Wisconsin will fall far short of adding the 250,000 new private-sector jobs by 2015 that the governor promised as a key part of his successful election campaign. The state’s unemployment rate has risen from 7.4 percent when Walker took office in January to 7.8 percent.

Again, we knew jobs were almost nonexistent, but Walker promised his policies would create jobs and attract business. It's not happening. No jobs but a dramatic ideological change in state policy. Empty promises coupled with no jobs…and a recall election to end the Walker mistake. 

Here's WKOW 27 News:

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