Saturday, October 15, 2011

Green Bay Wall Street Supporter said about Occupy protesters: "They don't have any moral authority to what they're saying."

Green Bay hosted an Occupy Wall Street demonstration yesterday. The following Fox 11 story covers the event, and hands us a gem from one of the pro Wall Street class warriors.
Fox 11: "They don't have any moral authority to what they're saying," Eric Wimberger, said of the demonstrators. "The only reason they have a street to stand on is because of taxes from businesses."

Really? Businesses and home owners paid for their sidewalks the last time I looked.
After a few hours of demonstrating, the crowd dwindled to about 15. Wimberger of Green Bay across the street making a presentation of his own...

"If all these corporations and all these banks are doing such bad things to people, they could very easily in our system and the way of life we have here in the United States create their own corporation, create their own business and undercut them all," Wimberger said.

Which is something we all aspire to become…bigger than Wall Street banks. Wimberger’s simpleton world view leaves a few questions unanswered: Undercut them in what way, and how would that return government to the people or stop big money from influencing politics? Check this guy out:

"I want to support the people that are saying we need to make some changes," said Green Bay resident Joan Mills. "I'm worried about middle class people, their ability and their children's ability to work their way up and become middle class citizens."

"People here in Northeast Wisconsin are fed up just like those across the country as corporations and banks get bailed out," said Bryan Pfeifer, a demonstrator from the Manitowoc area.

"We're protesting corporate greed," explained organizer Andrew Sturm, "We're protesting the two party system. The system's not working for us, the working class."

The demonstration's organizer says the group is fighting corporate control of the country's political system. But when asked about the main goal of the protest, he didn't offer specifics.

"There's many goals, too many to just name one, I'd say," said Sturm. 

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