Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chris Hedges: "Foot soldiers of the elite...finally don't want to impede the movement...the power elite is left defenseless."

Writer Chris Hedges has been around enough to know a movement when he sees it, and the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations is the real thing. Besides a few small moments of disagreements in the following quote, Chris nails it:

Before its news: ”What happens is in all of these movements … the foot soldiers of the elite — the blue uniformed police, the mechanisms of control — finally don’t want to impede the movement and at that point the power elite is left defenseless … the only thing I can say having been in the middle of similar movements is that this one is real, and this one could take them all down … I can guarantee you that huge segments of those blue uniformed police sympathize with everything that you’re doing.” — Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges 

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