Friday, October 28, 2011

Wisconsin to look like third world nation. Thank you Scott Walker!!

Is it possible conservative citizen posse’s will converge on the Capitol protecting their frightened beer drenched Republican lawmakers? What else could explain the flip from locking down the Capitol from peaceful protesters, to allowing assault rifles strapped to the backs of a law abiding whack jobs.
jsonline: Whether in the state Capitol's great rotunda or the dull line at the Division of Motor Vehicles, the public will soon be able to carry concealed guns in most state buildings … unclear Friday whether the new law and state policy would allow people to openly carry pistols and long guns such as rifles and shotguns in state buildings. Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch said in a statement. "Individuals with licenses are law-abiding citizens.

I’ve long held that the one with a gun will win the debate every time, empowering the phony outrage by conservative zealots to push their constitutional rights into your forehead with the barrel of a gun.

Am I wrong?
Dana Brueck, a spokeswoman for Van Hollen and the state Department of Justice, made clear, "They can carry concealed or openly as the law does not limit to only concealed carry. And they can carry a long gun or handgun," Brueck said.
Deputy secretary of the Department of Administration Chris Schoenherr said, during massive labor demonstrations last spring, the Walker administration put metal detectors in the state Capitol to screen for weapons. Schoenherr said he didn't anticipate returning to that policy, though he didn't rule it out.

You know something is really nuts when Scott Suder likes it:
 Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) Friday praised the action by the Walker administration. 


  1. My concealed weapon of choice at the Capitol will be a felt-tipped pen. And when I see a threat to democracy or anyone's safety, I'll whip it out instantly. And I know how to use it: I was trained five decades ago by my first-grade teacher. Forgive me for thinking that maybe my pen will be more threatening than a handgun to the current nattering nababs in the Capitol.

  2. Only duchebags will carry guns into the capitol. Normal people will not feel the need to carry a firearm and those on the cusp - known as "Borderline D-Bags" - will contemplate it but think better.

    Eventually, someone will get hurt and the GOP will blame the Democrats. When that happens, the chasm in the State that Walker opened on February 11th will widen.

    But the GOP and their sugar daddies/mommies don't care about the breakdown of our social fabric. They are deluded enough to believe that they will be immune to the changes that are soon to come as the real impacts of the Walker budget kick in.

    Even when individuals are hurt or worse by someone with a gun who loses their cool, those who make up the freak fringe that now controls the GOP will justify it one way or another.

    My hope is that no person gets hurt and that cooler heads prevail when we revisit this issue after Walker and Kleefish are recalled and defeated and relegated to the empty caviar jar of history......